Dr James Ohene-Djan

Dear Students if you wish to book to see me regarding your project progress please use the following link to book a meeting.

Book a project meeting

I am seeking students to undertake the projects in the following research areas:

  • Location-based mobile business applications and games

  • Digital arts games and systems

  • Assistive technologies for the disabled and elderly

  • Mobile social media applications

  • Mobile applications for businesses

  • Video commutations systems and applications

  • Marketing and Advertising online

  • Creating a mobile application for deaf users to communicate using sign language

  • Creating a video twitter mobile blogging application with in line payment charging

  • Interactive games to help people with learning difficulties

  • Creating an interactive magazine for android or Apple stores

  • A review and survey on the history of mobile devices

  • Creating a physical computing device for the disabled

  • A review and survey on the history of assistive technologies

  • Creating mobile applications for the disabled

Please email me if you are thinking of doing your final year project in one of these areas james@gold.ac.uk

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