Dr James Ohene-Djan

I regard my teaching responsibilities as an important integral part of being a University Academic. I strive to provide stimulating, topical and innovative courses and teaching methods. I have a reputation with the student body as being a good project supervisor with interesting project ideas, and feel I have been able to develop and stretch the intellectual range of all my project students, both undergraduate and postgraduate.

I am an examiner for the University of London external programme in Computing and Information Systems (CIS). The CIS external programme has 3,000 registered distance learning students throughout the world.

I am programme leader for the BSc in Business Computing and teach several courses on this degree programme. My responsibilities include: authoring distance learning materials; setting coursework and examinations; heading the assessment teams for both courses; taking responsibility for decisions about scaling and feedback to visiting examiners; and attending the exam board.

During the academic year 2015 - 2016 I will be teaching

  • E-Commerce

  • Business Computing

  • Software Projects for Business Computing Students


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